Emergency Exit | Crohn’s disease - up to sigma resection

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My book „Emergency Exit“ ‑ personally experienced and written down!

Crohn’s disease up to sigma resection

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A glorious summer’s day, I'm in hospital and let my fingers dance over my notebook’s keyboard.

The final operation is imminent, the rectum and the remaining Sigma must still be removed as well.

I’m looking back on 30 years of Crohn’s disease with fistulas, abscesses, fissures, and many other extras that really nobody wishes for.

In spite of all the almost incredible experiences with physicians and psychotherapists (physical therapists?), in hospitals, and health clinics, I always find a way out with a smiling face.

An ileostomy became my very personal emergency exit ‑ a step that I have never ever regretted.

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Tamara’s detailed tips and tricks with photos that facilitate the everyday life with an ostomy

ISBN 978-3-00-030954-0 paperback, 92 pages

Authoress Tamara Lammers

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