Helpful contacts
The German self-help association of people and for people with chronically inflammatory intestinal diseases
Association for ostomy patients, people with colon cancer and relatives
The Internet magazine for ostomy patients, active self-help of ostomy patients for ostomy patients and ideally managed forum!
German Cancer Aid association (Deutsche Krebshilfe)
Colorectal cancer affects us all - prevention saves lives! A group of people of many nations with and without cancer who want to find out and get help. Here questions are answered, provided assistance, information exchanged. Cooperation partners side of the Felix Burda Foundation





Manufacturers of our Mulle products

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Manufacturers of incontinence products

- our business partner!

Custom-made incontinence therapeutic swimsuits and therapeutic swimming trunks


Manufacturers of ostomy appliances



Interesting products

A colostomy cap with silencer capacity

Special clothes and toys for disabled children


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