Tips & tricks

Here, you will find a tip for almost every question about the ostmy!

  • The right ostomy care is the alpha and omega - only when we are tight and can rely on it, we have quality of life again!
  • Changing ostomy care is easy - sometimes LESS MORE and water has not hurt anyone!
  • Showering and bathing with a ostomy - with and sometimes without ostomy - that is good!
  • Emptying the ostomy pouch cover - so fast and so easy!
  • Nutrition with a ostomy - balanced food what we want and need, but chew long!
  • Swimming and sport with a ostomy - we have to stay fit and especially with a ostomy!
  • Watch out! Vitamin B12 and other deficiency symptoms!
  • Holidays and travel with a ostomy - the world is big and we can explore it!
  • Sexuality despite ostomy - we have to jump over our shadow and be rewarded for it!