Thanks to …



My pillars!


From 1992 to 1995, I repeatedly underwent surgery at the University Hospital of Tubingen where I always felt completely at home.

Prof. Dr. med. Starlinger and Prof. Dr. E. Jehle superbly performed my operations, and they did a brilliant job taking care of me. The ostomy therapists Elfriede and Evelyn gave me strength and the courage to approach the matter assuredly.

“My hero” Prof. Dr. E. Jehle who now practises at the Elisabethen Hospital Ravensburg (Upper Swabia) has operated on me in the summer of 2009, hopefully for the last time. I received first-class medical care and treatment - a step which I never regret.

My parents, my sister Petra, my grandma Thea, and my husbands Harald and now Timo have always supported, accompanied, and comforted me, and they have put up with me.

They have given and give me the feeling of absolute acceptance and deep love!

That cannot be taken for granted! Therefore, I want to say