My story



Aged 14, I came down with Crohn’s disease. For years, I had been enduring the constant pain, diarrhea, weight loss, fistulas, and all the complications you can imagine. In 1992, I had lost the struggle and had to undergo emergency surgery. I was 27 years old when “my new life with an ostomy” began!

Only the sigma was left from my colon with a length of 27 cm. The last part of the small intestine had to be surgically removed and I got a loop-ileostomy – temporarily, for a start, to repair the recto-vaginal fistula. The fistula tract from the transverse colon to the stomach was equally removed. Everything worked out just fine, and I was back home after a week.

Right from the beginning, I made no secret of my ostomy; thus I wasn’t particularly embarrassed when he gave off tones in public from time to time. He belonged to me and was spontaneously named "Fritz Kotz" – don’t ask me why! Very soon, my changes became a part of everyday life, and I constantly beamed with joy because I didn’t have any more problems caused by Crohn's disease.

Finally, he let go of me, and, for once, I could start thinking of something different. I flourished, and I revved up, literally speaking! A few weeks later, I had to go back to the University Hospital of Tubingen to have my recto-vaginal fistula repaired. This recto-vaginal fistula, which often occurs in patients with Crohn's disease, was closed by a "flab advancement of the intestinal wall". Hoping for the best, I had the relocation of my loop ileostomy done several months later. However, he broke again under the strain of defecation after only two days. Tough luck!

“Let’s do it again”, I thought, after a convalescence period of a few weeks. I had them apply a permanent ileostomy and, a short time later, had them close the fistula tract again. Crohn’s disease had disappeared! Never before had I experienced such a quality of life – I was so happy! A year later, I was out of luck on the relocation of the ostomy. You may hardly believe it, but this nerdy fistula tract formed again!

Defiantly, I thought: “One perforation more or less”, and I just didn’t let my lower lip pierce.

In 2009, I was forced to have the 27 cm long stump of the sigma removed. Fortunately, it wasn’t Crohn’s disease as can be read in my book “Emergency exit”!



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