Bilby Activ | Ostomy wrap Poly/Elastan | Colostomy / Ileostomy / Urostomy

Bilby Activ | Ostomy wrap Poly/Elastan | Colostomy / Ileostomy / Urostomy

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Ostomy Bandage Bilby Aktiv - jogging, swimming, dancing ... - simply active in sports!
Breathable, wafer-thin and yet firm hold.


The perfect complement of poly / elastane for your sportswear and swimwear. Your stoma bag can fill up unhindered and stays where it belongs. No annoying "grab the bag".

Also super cool on hot days over or under the skirt or pants.

Each ostomy supply fits into one of the 4 inner pockets of the bandage.

For swimming or in the sauna, I recommend the black Bilby Active, because the folds of the bags are not visible. The beige Bilby Active, on the other hand, is invisible under white shirts / blouses.


Measure the volume in height from the ostomy. Remember, your bag needs to be filled at all times, and even a loose-fit Bilby Active will give you a hold!

If it's too tight, it rolls up!

Dimensions in cm              XS    S     M     L     XL    XXL  
Width front                   14    14    16    18    21    23   
Belt without tension          52    60    70    76    86    96   
Belt stretchable up to        76    86    96    110   120   130 



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