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Whether above or underneath - ideal for any occasion!


Cheeky and cheerful with a urostomy ...


For daytime and night-time, with a extra reinforced pockets and a connector to your urostomy night pouch.

The perfect addition for your underwear! The cotton slippy is especially comfortable when sleeping. The ostomy pouch can fill up without hindrance and stays where it belongs. No annoying “grasping for the pouch” at night. The slippy has two reinforced pockets; one of them has a button hole through which the night pouch can be connected. Superbly comfortable above or underneath skirts or trousers during the day as well.

The Bilby+ carrying the bag and its contents, thus relieving your abdomen.

You can either wear the pouch in the reinforced pocket with hole or in the reinforced pocket without hole. There is also enough space for several ostomy appliances in a total of 4 pockets.


Measure the volume in height from the ostomy. Remember, your bag needs to be filled at all times and even a loose Bilby Smile gives you a hold!

He is narrower than the monochrome Bilby.

Dimensions in cm              B     K     S     M     L          
Width front                   10    16    18    18    24   
Belt without tension          35    43    54    70    80   
Belt stretchable up to        
50    60    75    100   120  


Uses of the ostomy wrap Bilby Smile made of cotton:

Urostomy, with and without parastomal hernia, prevent a hernia, lift the weight of the filled ostomy pouch, fix the ostomy pouch in the night causing less tension, leakage at night, in intimate moments, while cycling, at work, in everyday life - actually in every situation!

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