Couscous | Japanese Obi ostomybelt | Colostomy / Ileostomy / Urostomy

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Stoma Belt Kuskus Obi is seductive for men and women!

A touch of "NOTHING"! Too good to be worn only in intimate moments.

Inspired by the traditional Japanese Obi, this ostomy belt was created.

Put it on the front of the abdomen, the ribbons are crossed on the back and then closed with a nice bow at the front, or you simply tie on the side without crossing.

Your supply is completely covered by the cotton bag. The stoma bag disappears into the inside pocket and is securely fixed, but can still fill up.

The extremely long straps of the couscous Obi allow for optimal adaptation and can be cut at will, so it fits children and adults up to a waist circumference of 150 cm.


Uses of the ostomy wrap Bilby made of cotton:

Ileostomy, ostomy, urostomy, sexy in intimate moments, on the beach, in everyday life - actually in every situation!

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