Mole | ostomy bag cover | Colostomy / Ileostomy / Urostomy


Mole | ostomy bag cover | Colostomy / Ileostomy / Urostomy

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Mole cover– the charming and skin-friendly cover for your ostomy pouch! 

Soft, cool, cuddly, quiet - simply well-clad.


Ostomy pouches are not outright beautiful, and, sometimes, someone’s hair simply stands on end during physical contact. This is getting to the point that many ostomy patients have to contend with a skin compatibility. Some ostomy pouches are even transparent so that one is unintentionally confronted with one’s excrement time and again.

For this reason, we have made the skin contact side of our bag manure of proven, skin-friendly poly/spandex fabric.

The visible outside is made of monochrome, stretchy cotton fabric.

The hole on the skin contact side is so stretchable that the diameter does not matter. With particularly large locking ring diameters or one-piece parts, it is easy to cut larger with the nail scissors.

Access to the ostomy pouch is also on the skin contact side for easy, lightning-fast, secure access.

The mulle fits over any conventional ostomy bag. If necessary, the outlet can be turned backwards, which shortens the ostomy bag.


Slight deviations of your bag dimensions do not affect the wearing comfort.

14 cm wide / 19 cm long            15.5 cm wide / 19 cm long
14 cm wide / 24 cm long            15.5 cm wide / 24 cm long



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