Bilby CAPD Active | wrap poly/elastan | probes / catheters

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Bilby CAPD Active

The sport bandage for patients with catheters and drains


The airy CAPD bandage made of poly/elastane gives more support and is ideal for sports activities.

Finally, you can actively and confidently go through life, because EVERYTHING is safely stowed away and stay where it belongs. No annoying rumbling and sticking to your stomach more.

The Bilby CAPD Active Bilby belt has 3 inner pockets. The procedure takes place in the middle!


Measure the circumference at the height of the area to be covered. Remember, even a casual worn BIlby CAPD fulfills its purpose!

If it's too tight, it rolls up!

Dimensions in cm              XS    S     M     L     XL    XXL        
Width front                   12    14    16    16    16    16   
Belt without tension          52    60    70    76    86    96         
Belt stretchable up to        76    86    96    110   120   130



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