Emptying the ostomy pouch



The oddest techniques have already been described to me. Countless utensils are carried along purposefully, and breakneck acrobatics on the toilet is no exception. And yet, it is that easy!

I sit down on the rearmost part of the toilet seat, spread the legs and pull the waistband of the underwear under the ostomy appliance. I open the closure, letting the stools glide slowly and purposefully into the toilet. Then, I brush over the pouch with my hand to push the remaining contents downwards. After this, I tighten the material to the right and to the left of the outlet and clean the lower part of the drainable pouch with sheets of toilet paper that are layered three times.

Then, after having folded the toilet paper again, I put it into the opening and move it from side to side to remove the remains of the stool. I close the pouch with the closure clasp, fold it up and let it disappear in my underwear.

2 to 3 sweetener tablets diminish odour emissions in the pouch.

I sit down on the toilet seat only at home.

If I’m not at home I stand in front of the toilet, legs straddled, looking towards the flushing tank. I take this typically manly stance in front of the toilet, bending my knees slightly, and empty my pouch without undressing. It works just as well outdoors if need be!