Swimming and Sports


An ostomy is no handicap if the general state of health allows for it.

I cycle, jump down wherever I can, I am a water rat, have a diving license and like to climb in adventure parks. Every day I do at least 1,5 hour of yoga that gives me strength and energy for the whole day.


Stoma_Yoga_Tamara_Ileostoma_Stomaversorgung_Stomabeutel_Sport      Stoma_Stomabandage_Schwimmen_Bilby_5

Since the first major operation, I certainly feel the need to avoid crowds. You do not have to fight in the front line everywhere. However, I can’t help it to stand directly next to the stage at concerts.

Sometimes, it can turn nasty while wearing sports trousers in team sports or fitness training. The pouch is filling up surprisingly fast, following the force of gravity. The team spirit is broken because you are already mentally looking for the next WC. I can recommend our neoprene belt for these situations: Everything stays where it belongs by means of its rubber inside, thus giving a safe feeling!

The Bilby active is of course the most brilliant part of sport and everything that has to do with water. It is made of swimsuit material - a high quality poly / elastan the be combined with any sportswear and swimwear kan Why Buy spezille ostomy swimwear or ostomy Badanzüge when one has such a free choice.!

The Bumper protects from blows and injuries while doing sports and in everyday life. The stool can flow safely into the pouch by means of our 1.4 cm thick neoprene Bumper. There will be no backflow through which the ostomy appliance can be infiltrated.

In all these activities, we should stand by our ostomy. The understanding of our environment is great – we just need to have faith in ourselves!

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