Bilby Venus | ostomy wrap cotton and lace trim | ostomy / ileostomy

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Sexy Bilby Venus ostomy wrap, which one needs a gun licence for!

Ostomy wrap with shimmering lace that makes any heart beat faster.


The perfect complement to your sexy underwear and the special intimate hours! Even stark naked you feel safe and sexy with the Bilby Venus. No annoying "take the ostomy bag" in all activities.

But even in everyday life is the ostomy bandage over the pants or the skirt an "eye-catcher", which spice up your wardrobe.

The Bilby Venus wears your ostomy bag and relieves your abdominal wall.

Each ostomy supply fits into one of the 4 internal pockets, which also provide enough space for multiple restorations. The top envelope is pulled over the air filter and so the whole ostomy bag disappears.


Measure the volume in height from the stoma. Remember, your bag needs to be filled at all times, and even a loose-fitting Bilby Venus will give you a hold!

Dimensions in cm              S     M     L                      
Width front                   18    18    24               
Belt without tension          54    70    70               
Belt stretchable up to        90    100   120


Uses of the ostomy wrap Bilby Venus made of cotton:

Ileostomy, ostomy, urostomy, with and without parastomal hernia, prevent a hernia, lift the weight of the filled ostomy pouch, fix the ostomy pouch in the night causing less tension, leakage at night, sexy in intimate moments, while cycling, at work, in everyday life - actually in every situation!

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