Sugarglider | Ostomy lace belt | Urostomy / ileostomy / colostomy

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Sugarglider ostomy belt made ​​of soft lace!
Sexy - if one is stark naked or adding to the underwear.


A high-quality ostomy lace belt with flexible and shape-stabilizing rods covers your ostomy supply.

The inside pocket is skin color and therefore not distinguishable from the outside of the skin. The ostomy belt is closed with an adjustable hook strip.

Each stoma supply fits into the NEW, extra-wide bag. The ostomy belt gives the restoration a secure hold and relieves your abdominal wall.


Measure the volume in height from the ostomy. Remember, your bag needs to be filled at all times, and even a loose-fitting sugarglider will give you a holt!

Dimensions in cm              XS    S     M     L     XL    XXL  
Width front                   15    15    15    15    15    15   
Belt without tension          60    66    70    78    90    94   
Belt stretchable up to        75    90   100    110   125   140 


Uses of the ostomy wrap Sugarglider:

Ileostomy, ostomy, urostomy, fix the ostomy pouch in the night causing less tension, sexy in intimate moments, in everyday life - actually in every situation!

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