Wallaby | Neoprene bandage to measure | probes / catheters

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The right, perfectly fitting bandage for every situation!


The smooth inside of the neoprene bandage immediately connects to the skin, increases body temperature and is no longer felt. It certainly does not slip and has very soft edges. Everything has its safe place under the water-repellent neoprene cover.

Please measure the circumference over the place you want to cover! Keep in mind that the cover must be fairly tight. Then measure the height of the area to be covered. Bear in mind that the neoprene around it requires at least 1.5 cm of contact with the skin.

You can also use the neoprene cover as a rupture bandage if you do not have a ostomy.

It makes sense to try a Numbat first, which we will gladly send to you.

Price inquiries we answer immediately after receiving your measurements or in the telephone conversation.

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