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StomOdor is reliable odor protection that starts in the bag!


We are all familiar with the problem of emptying, changing and disposing of the ostomy pouch - there are unpleasant smells. Especially when you visit public toilets or have to share the toilet with others, the following visitors can sometimes be sorry. It would be nice to get rid of this special fragrance brand!



This odor protection must be brought out to people so that we ostomy wearers feel even more confident.




StomOdor is the solution and absolutely convinced me!


I tested for the first time with 15 StomOdor Drops (concentrated version) in my fresh ileostomy pouch. I could hardly wait for the first toilet visit and when it was time I could hardly believe this experience. It has not smelled as good since 1992, because nothing that reminded me of bowel movements flowed through my nose. The whole room smelled and the good smell was distributed in the whole apartment when leaving the quiet place. I have to admit I'm addicted! The bad smells are not only masked in the bag, but effectively neutralized.


I am particularly pleased that StomOdor consists of 100% natural ingredients and is incredibly productive.


StomOdor Drops 35 ml - concentrated - sachets - ileostomy - liquid stool and urostomy

StomOdor Spray 50 ml - diluted - closed bags - Colostomy fixed chair

StomOdor Spray 210 ml - diluted - closed bags - Colostomy fixed chair


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