StomFoam cleaning foam | ileostomy / colostomy / urostomy

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Cleansing foam for gentle care around the stoma!

StomFoam is a mild natural product without dyes or preservatives, with a neutral pH value, which we can leave on our sensitive areas with a good feeling!

StomFoam nourishes and cleans the skin around your stoma. It soothes stressed, irritated skin and optimally prepares it for the attachment of the fresh stoma care.

StomFoam significantly increases the secure adhesion of the stoma supply.

StomFoam thoroughly cleans the stoma area on the go, even without water, and leaves no sticky feeling.

The cleansing foam is easy to apply, does not drip or run and stays on the area to be cleaned.

After application, leave on for a short time, then gently dab with a compress or handkerchief.

The foam residue can, but does not have to, be removed with clear water at the end.


StomFoam Maxi 210 ml

StomFoam 50 ml - also for on the go

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