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since 2005 we operate the homepage and the shop "Ostomy and now" which made the name the motto.

I have implemented my own experiences to improve the quality of life of other ostomy carriers!

The self-developed ostomy belts, ostomy pouches and ostomy underwear I have tested and improved on my own body.

Our proven products are not just for special occasions, such as: As swimming, sports and the intimate moments, suitable. Many customers wear our ostomy belts every day and also at night and do not want to do without the safe feeling and the comfortable fit.

The simple and uncomplicated handling when donning, carrying and emptying should make your everyday life with ostomy easier and also relieve your abdominal wall.

Feel good - despite ostomy bag that is our motto!

We hope that you can accept your physical changes a bit better with our stoma products and make life easier for you with my extensive experience and tips from 26 years of ostomy, under "My Ostomy Experiences".


Other products

For years, we have been making custom-made products for people who need to perform peritoneal dialysis. It was time to launch Bilby CAPD, which is tailored to the specific needs of peritoneal dialysis.

Our minimalist urine bag leg pocket koala I have developed with and for our friend Mel, who had to cope with two ostomy´s and a kidney fistula and has a big place in our hearts.


Tamara live at the MDR: “Health is the main thing”