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Kusu ostomy bandage neoprene - gentle prevention and / or powerful support of a hernia!

The smooth inside immediately connects to the skin, increases the body temperature and is no longer felt. He does not slip and has very soft hems. The outside is coated with fabric.

Each ostomy bag fits into the large, long outer pocket, which has two adjustable Velcro closures and is only open at the top.

The hole through which your ostomy bag is pulled into your pocket must be cut out according to the instructions.

The ostomy neoprene wrap is closed with an adjustable velcro on the back. Side closure, or two-sided coating with fabric on request with surcharge possible!


Measure the volume in height from the ostomy. If hernia is present, please measure in the morning when your stomach is flat.


Dimensions in cm        XS    S     M     L     L/XL  XL    XXL   XXXL
Width at the back       10    12    11    12    12    12    12    12
Width front             15    15    15    17    19    19    20    20
Belt without tension    68    72    78    87    93    96    103   111
Belt stretchable up to  85    90    95    100   110   120   130   145


Areas of application of Kusu ostomy bandage neoprene with hole:

Ileostomy, Ostomy, Urostomy, with and without parastomal hernia, for swimming, for sports, in intimate moments, during fitness training, when cycling, at work, in everyday life



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