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Quokki - small stoma wash bag for the short trip



Our Thai friend Thaio, with whom I have been friends for over 31 years and whom I appreciate very much, has once again lovingly handcrafted something very special and unique for us!

The large Quokka bag for ostomy supplies and ostomy utensils was such a great success that we have now designed the handier smaller brother for the handbag, sports bag or jacket pocket.

Different folding techniques are possible, which means that you can design the amount of content more freely!

A bright and beautiful bag for stoma essentials for when you're going out, or planning an overnight stay.

The Quokki is made from shiny, traditional Thai fabrics that actually come from classic costume production.

The coconut button closes the bag stylishly.



Dimensions 2 x folded:

16cm x 12cm

Dimensions 1 x folded:

16cm x 17cm

Dimensions open:

16cm x 34cm

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