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Opossum soft ostomy belt neoprene - secure your ostomy day and night super-soft!


Dispose of your ostomybelt, because the opossum ostomybelt neoprene pushes all around on your baseplate. The extremely soft, open-pored neoprene inside connects perfectly with the skin, seals and is no longer felt. The fabric outside of the neoprene belt feels soft and comfortable.

The possum does not slip and produces no pressure points.

The hole through which your ostomy bag is pulled outwards must be cut out according to the instructions so that the entire adhesive surface is pressed and sealed.

Even without a hole - z. B. in baby and child's bellies as swimming bandage, or a prolapse.


Measure in height from the stoma. He is extremely stretchy and fits better if he is not worn so tight. The opossum is not a hernia bandage!

Dimensions in cm        XS    S     M     L     XL   
Width at the back       6     6     6     6     6    
Width front             13    12    12    14    14   
Belt without tension    47    56    71    86    100  
Belt stretchable up to  60    95    120   135   145


Application areas of ostomybelt opossum made of soft neoprene with hole:

Ostomy, with or without parastomal hernia, as a ostomy leakage protection at night and during the day, in cases with tightness of the ostomy supply, for safety, for swimming, for sports, for cycling, at work, in everyday life.

Without a hole:
over a prolapse, as a swimming bandage for babies and children.

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Color beige

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