Changing the ostomy appliance



Whenever changing the appliance, you ask yourself:

“Will he be keeping quiet for that time?”

He likes to squirt, especially after rich food or alcohol. To reduce the critical time, I prepare everything unhurriedly at first.

I keep all utensils for everyday use in a metal box. I use the cover as a preparatory tray:

1 tailored base plate, 3 cotton compresses, 1 breakfast bag, skin barrier paste, and the drainable pouch




I put this tray onto the edge of the tub. Without knickers, I sit down on the edge of the tub, detaching the old ostomy appliance from my belly. Inserted in the breakfast bag, it’s later deposed of in the residual waste. With the shower head, I shower lukewarm water around the ostomy. The small jets of water clean and massage the skin around the ostomy and stimulate blood circulation as well.




I dry with a cotton compress the whole area around the ostomy. Thus, the macerated skin and adhesive residue are removed. I swab (med.) the visual part of the intestine with a new cotton compress. The used compresses end up in the breakfast bag, together with the used ostomy appliance.




I put a thin strip of skin barrier paste directly around the little bud on my belly.




Now, I remove the protective film from the base plate, place it on my protruding belly, and press it down firmly.




Afterwards, I press the pouch and the click ring firmly into each other.






I wash my whole lower belly and my genital area with intimate cleanser. After having towelled thoroughly, I’m ready for the day. Processing at lightning speed, I normally don’t need longer than 5 minutes.




Mostly, I’m able to wear my two-piece ileostomy plate with drainable pouch 3 – 6 days.