PortCap | pressure relief | port / probes / catheters / drains

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Pressure relief and protection for patients with port, probes, catheters, buttons, drains and ...


The unique PortCap Neoprene adapts to any tube thickness and prevents direct pressure on this sensitive area.

The gentle companion for every chemo ...

It can be worn without additional aids and remains fixed by the pressure of the undershirt, bra or outerwear. For security, you can fix the PortCap with foil or adhesive tapes.

With parenteral nutrition and carrying an infusion backpack, the portcap is fixed by the straps and cushions the sensitive areas.

The connected hose is directed with the two feet in the desired direction.

I developed the product for two very dear friends, Natalie and Hans-Jürgen!


She is very flexible and pleasantly soft on the skin.

It is 2.7 cm thick.

It is available in two sizes.


Large - outer diameter 10 cm / inner diameter 7 cm

Small - outer diameter 7 cm / inner diameter 4 cm


The PortCap is NOT a STERILE AID and should not be used in open and inflamed, fungal and / or bacterial areas.


Applications PortCap Neoprene cover:

Cover from the port, PortCap as protection against injury and shock, Padding and protection when carrying the backpack or bags, Port Cap keeps the pressure of the clothing away from the port, safety during sports with port, protection while driving in front of the seat belt, a useful tool during and after chemo and parenteral nutrition.

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