Minibumper | pressure relief | probes / catheters / drains

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2 minibumpers made of neoprene 
pressure relief and protection for patients with probes, catheters, buttons, drainage and more ...

The mini dumper made of neoprene adapts to any hose thickness and prevents direct pressure on this sensitive area. It can be worn without any additional aids, but can also be combined with any of our bandages.


He is very flexible and soft.

He is 1.3 cm thick.

It has an outer diameter of 4.3 cm and an inner diameter of 1.3 cm.


In the delivery you get 1 x beige and 1 x black.


The Minibumper is NOT a STERILE AID and should not be used in open and inflamed, fungal and / or bacterial areas.

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