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UNIKATE - each a unique piece and made with love!


Casual ostomy shorts with sacks for your replacement.
Beautiful and comfortable for leisure, garden, beach and also to sleep!

Anyone who has ever been operated on the abdomen knows the unpleasant feeling. The pants are pressed, the rubber tweaks, the cuff rubs - you just feel tight.

That's why our Skippy Venus Asia Shorts have a super-soft, very high waistband that does not pinch or pinch and cover up a lot.

In the right little bag you can carry your spare supply in style.

The Skippy Venus Asia shorts can be perfectly combined with the couscous obi ostomybelt, or the ostomy pouch cover Mole.


HELP for color choice

Stickers on the ostomy shorts give the info on the size and color! Simply choose the right number!

Weekly we will adjust again and again new colors, patterns and sizes until the material I brought from Asia is used up by about 50 shorts!


Measure the volume in height from the Ostomy. Remember, your ostomy bag needs to be filled at all times, and even a loose-fitting Skippy Venus Ostomy Shorts will give you a hold!

No inner Pants!

Dimensions in cm              XS    S     M     L     XL    XXL  
waistband without tension     45    64    78    80    85    100        
waistband stretchable up to   72    88    94    100   110   130 


Uses of the ostomy shorts Asia Skippy Venus and Mars made of cotton:

Ileostomy, ostomy, urostomy, with and without parastomal hernia, fix the ostomy pouch in the night causing less tension, leakage at night, while cycling, at the beach, ostomy fashion, in everyday life - actually in every situation!

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